Re-examining the place of textuality in Islamic Studies

Forms of Textuality in Anthropology

Nada Moumtaz


Joud Alkorani

February 18, 2021


Professor Nada Moumtaz joins the Reading Muslims podcast to discuss anthropology’s relationship to textuality in modern day research and fieldwork. This episode covers the complexities and difficulties that come with trying to engage in a tradition of textuality that is incredibly vast, and nuanced. Professor Moumtaz speaks about the different approach to methods and ethnography that exist within the field, and how the field is actively changing to reflect new practices of scholarship. 

Host: Joud Alkorani
Recorded: Dec 14, 2020

Nada Moumtaz

Nada Moumtaz is assistant professor for the Department for the Study of Religion and the Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations department. Her research stands at the intersection of Islamic legal studies, the anthropology of Islam, and studies of capitalism: spanning the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries in the Levant. She is one of the core members of the anthropology hub for the Reading Muslims project.

Joud Alkorani

Joud Alkorani is a PhD Candidate at the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto, where she is also affiliated with the Center for Diaspora and Transnational Studies. Joud is also currently a Dissertation Fellow at the Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. An anthropologist by training, Joud’s current project is an ethnography of how neoliberal economic and social policies shape the everyday lives of migrant Muslim women in Dubai. Her research lies at the intersection of diaspora and transnationalism, religion and spirituality, and the modern Middle East.

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