Re-examining the place of textuality in Islamic Studies

Muslim Identity and Islamic Book Production

Katherine Bullock


Sara Hamed

October 14, 2021


Dr. Bullock explains the vision of Compass Books and how both her academic and activism careers inspired her to found the company. She elaborates various challenges in the book publishing industry, and the role her company aims to play in Muslim identity formation. She discusses how Compass Books walks a fine and often tricky line as it tries to cater to both Muslim families looking for quality books offering Islamic education, and secular public schools that are hesitant to incorporate faith-based texts in their libraries.

Host: Sara Hamed
Date recorded: Sept 5, 2021

Katherine Bullock

Katherine Bullock is a Muslim community activist and prominent academic in Islamic studies. She is a University of Toronto lecturer on political Islam; founder of the Tessellate Institute—a think tank dedicated to expressing and recording Muslim experiences in Canada; and president of Compass Books, a quality Islamic book publishing company.

Sara Hamed

Sara Hamed is a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto’s Study of Religion department. Her research on Canadian Islam brings together the anthropology of Islam, institutional theory, and rhetorical studies, exploring the intersections between the construction of the “Islamic” in Islamic institutions and Muslim identity formation.

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