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Securitized Citizens: Canadian Muslim Identity Post 9/11

Youcef Soufi


Baljit Nagra

November 1, 2022


Baljit Nagra, Associate Professor at OttawaU’s Department of Criminology, discusses her book Securitized Citizens: Canadian Muslims Experiences of Race Relations and Identity Formation Post 9/11.

Dr. Nagra discusses the findings of her research with educated second-generation Muslims in Toronto and Vancouver. Nagra analyzes Canadian Muslims’ exclusion from citizenship post 9/11. She details her interviewees experiences with racism, the state’s border authorities, and security agencies. Nagra reveals the different forms of resistance that young Muslim women and men have adopted in response to anti-Muslim racism and their calls to see the promises of multiculturalism become a reality.

Host: Youcef Soufi

Date recorded: June 7th, 2022

Youcef Soufi

Youcef Soufi is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto’s Institute of Islamic Studies, where he is Co-Principal Investigator of the Reading Muslims Project. Trained in classical Islamic Law, Dr. Soufi is currently working on a book project that analyzes Islamophobia and State Surveillance in the post 9/11 period by focusing on the case of three University of Manitoba students (two Canadians and one American) who left their promising lives in Canada in 2007 to join al-Qaeda in the mountains of Northern Pakistan.

Baljit Nagra

Baljit Nagra is a tenured Associate Professor in the Criminology Department at the University of Ottawa. She has previously held postdoctoral research fellowships at the University of Ottawa and at York University after receiving her doctoral degree from the University of Toronto.