Re-examining the place of textuality in Islamic Studies

Theorizing the Making of a Modern Arabic Literary Tradition

Haytham Bahoora


Anver Emon

February 16, 2021


Professor Bahoora joins the Reading Muslims podcast to discuss the formation of new genres and new modes of reading that correspond to historical shifts that shaped the emergence of the modern Arab world. He discusses the implications of using the word “Islamic” to describe texts. While also discussing historical and current reading practices and how they were affected and transformed by the Nahda.

Host: Anver Emon
Recorded: Nov 24, 2020

Haytham Bahoora

Haytham Bahoora is a professor of comparative literature and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto. His research explores the relationships between aesthetics, politics, the emergence and transformation of new genres and styles in modern Arabic prose and poetry. He is also one of the core members of the reading practices hub for the Reading Muslims project.

Anver Emon

Anver Emon is the Director of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto, where he serves as a Professor in the Faculty of Law and the Department of History. Dr. Emon is also the Canada Research Chair in Islamic Law and History, and one of the Principal Investigators in the Reading Muslims Project. Dr. Emon’s extensive research career focuses on premodern and modern Islamic legal history and theory; premodern modes of governance and adjudication; and the role of Shari’a both inside and outside the Muslim world.

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